Monday, 20 May 2013

Stuck in the Ppam Aid

A great looking stump by all accounts
After an awesome weekend at home with Morgan and the dog, last night we had the depressing drive back to the hospital so I would be here and ready for 8am ward round with the consultant this morning.  

This morning began with the knowledge that it would be the first day since the op that I wouldn't see Morgan and this quite frankly sucks! It was the right decision as its not a lovely commute to do every day and Morgan needs rest and wasn't feeling 100% (pray for a quick recovery), so hopefully a day of resting will be a great way of recuperating and getting some uni work done.  Rehab needs to be fast because I miss my wife!  My aim is, get a prosthetic, be discharged walking comfortably a couple of days later.  Its totally unrealistic but you have to cling onto dreams and aims don't you!   

Strap weights to work the stump
Ward round was fine and the stump is looking 'fantastic' and 'textbook' - surgeons words not mine and the wound is looking beautiful so I should be all set for stitches out by the end of the week.  Ironically, because it was ward round day then nurses were paranoid about the huge amount of things happening and so got the drugs out incredibly swiftly.  Given thats the only thing that ever takes time from my point of view, I was up, sorted and ready with all the time in the world!  Using my excess time I hit the gym for an hour before physio.  Bit of a gamble as I didnt want to be knackered for my two and a half hours morning physio and hour and forty five minutes afternoon physio.   Was a good call in the end though, did me good. 

Physio went well.  Spent nearly two hours doing core and leg strengthening work - predominantly I was playing about on a big swiss ball challenging my balance in as many ways as possible.  I was then stuck in the Ppam aid and wondering around the gym! 

Ppam aid assault course 
Afternoon physio was entirely Ppam aid time.  It continues to be good to get up on my foot and strolling around the physio gym but frustrations are certainly coming through.  My fitness levels are fast outdoing my stumps recovery despite that going as swiftly as possible.  I'm in a great position as I've been working on my balance and core strength with passion for the last year plus.  This means I'm finding the Ppam aid really easy to use, which in one sense is great but at the same time I like to be challenged.  There are only so many times I can walk around the gym without having a numb brain!  To try and up the anti, my physio set me up a little course to make it a greater challenge with a step, a slalom and some bits to step over... 
It was no great challenge.  This was the first time I tried the course; 

So this is what I'll spend most of my physio sessions doing for the next week.  Its the best way to prep me to be as ready as possible for a prosthesis when the time comes (hopefully Ill be casted for my first one next week).  Its going to take some positive mental attitude to keep this happening but its all working towards something bigger and better!  Patience is a virtue eh! 

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